You Got It, You Got It Plaid

It is a common misconception that the pattern ‘plaid’ belongs in a one-horse country town. Although it may be prevalent in a lot of smaller, country-oriented communities, plaid is one of the most versatile patterns you can use in your #ootd!

There are a plethora of ways you can incorporate it into your style; casual, or otherwise.

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I am a lover of a masculine/feminine balance when it comes to my daily outfit selections; it is, and always will be, about the pairing of two items and how they complement one another.

Spandex leggings not only make your posterior look phenomenal, but are overall the most comfortable piece of clothing you can wear. They look great when paired with a baggy, flannel, men’s plaid shirt, unbuttoned with a tank top, or band T underneath. Match with a funky pair of army boots, or even some relatively plain heels if you’re going out at night!

A contrasting but equally hip use of the pattern is to wear a feminine pair of high-waisted jeans, and tuck in a smaller, more feminine plaid shirt.
Button the shirt up entirely and layer a solid coloured (black is preferable) vest over top.

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It’s extremely easy to dress up any plaid top by pairing it with dress pants, black denim, or a skirt, and it’s easy to dress down a plaid shirt by pairing it with ripped, light coloured denim pants or shorts.

Over-sized flannel plaid is a favourite because, if you find one that’s long enough, you can cinch it at the waist and turn it into a casual dress for every day outings.
They’re very simple to find for insanely low prices at second-hand stores, and not overly expensive new, either.

Article by Lindsay Mcilroy

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