Whatever Happened to Movember?

Me and my handlebar ‘stache.

Remember, remember, the reason for Movember.
Movember has been the latest fad for the past couple of years, but is it dying down?

I grew out my beard two months in advance so I could have a handlebar moustache to curl up just in time for November (a little unconventional and out of the ordinary, but then again, so am I), so when the first of November hit, I trimmed everything down, except the ‘stache. I put some wax on it (courtesy of Urban Beard) and twirled the tips; VOILA! I was suddenly a Parisian-inspired Dali wannabe.

I love my moustache and I still do. Unfortunately, I’ve realized Movember isn’t quite as “cool” this year as it previously was. I think people are forgetting that it’s not just a trend – it’s a way for people all over the world to raise awareness and funds for men’s prostate cancer research. By witnessing someone participate in Movember, it motivates youth and adults to not only donate to their cause, but to go home and research prostate cancer facts; and hopefully, end up booking an appointment with a doctor to get checked.

It’s easy to forget the reasoning behind such large campaigns; but this November, let’s bring it back to the health & safety of men all around the world. Take a minute to check out some facts via Movember ; you could save your father’s, brother’s, best friend’s, or even your own life.

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