Who Needs The Glass Slipper – Style Your Own! Prom Shopping at Value Village.

VV 6

So we’ve all seen Cinderella, and if you haven’t seen one of the 15 adaptations of our favourite Disney classic, then you must have at least read the book. If all of this is way over your head then, A. I suggest you check out Cinderella; it’s adorable, and, B. Stick with me. I promise.

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photos by Heather Leach/Pretty Things Photography.
Everyone wants that Cinderella moment where they feel beautiful and fancy, especially when you’re getting ready for prom! What the fairy godmother failed to mention (she was busy turning pumpkins into carriages), is that it can cost over $1,000! (~moment to express shock~) yep. Sorry fairy godmother but I’ve got better things to spend my money on.

 Places like Value Village are fantastic for finding your Cinderella look at a fraction of the cost! (So you can save for things like… college).

VV 1
You’re gonna have to dig, which, let’s be honest, is half the fun. There are so many great finds hidden between the racks of clothing that may not be to your taste. And get creative!


VV 2

Check out the kids section (assuming you fit), but that cropped blazer that you had your eye on for $60 now $6 but was technically made for a kid? No one can tell and it’s going to look great!

VV 4

Your entire look doesn’t have to come from Value Village (I mean it can, look at our models; all wearing head to toe Value Village), but pairing expensive shoes with a $8 dress? Why not!?! Plus it will make a great juxtaposition within your look.

Maybe you’re not Cinderella – she was only allowed out till midnight and still managed to lose her shoes! Your night will be whatever you make it and there is no need to spend a mint on a dress you’re very likely only going to wear once and may or may not get ruined at the after-party.
 VV 5
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