Tri-Gradient Nail Art

One of the most popular kinds of nail art are gradient nails. What I love about them is that they look absolutely stunning considering how quick and easy they are to do! ¬†They are a little bit messier than polka dots, but clean up is easy with the right tools! Gradient nails are my “cheer me up” manicure and I’m sure they will become yours too. Now, let’s learn how to do them!

I’m using three colours today, but you can use just two or even more than three! For today’s tutorial, it is best to use creme finish polishes so no glitter (I will show you how to do glitter gradients later on!). I love pink and purple so I chose to fade my gradient from pink to purple with my in-between colour being a fuchsia.

Base coat
Top coat
Nicole by OPI – Naturally (light pink)
Nicole by OPI – Still Into Pink (fuchsia)
Nicole by OPI – Love Song (light purple)
Nicole by OPI – Heavenly Angel (iridescent flakie)
Cotton swabs
Makeup sponge
Begin by painting your nails pink. I am wearing two coats.
Generously paint three stripes of polish on a clean makeup sponge in the order you want your gradient to appear making sure your base colour is first. Tap off any extra polish on a clean sheet of paper. If there is too much polish, the gradient effect will just look globby and “smear-like”.
With your pink stripe at the top, lightly sponge all three colours onto your nail. I like to sponge once in the middle of the nail and then lightly on either side to blend all of the colours together. Don’t worry about getting polish on your skin! That’s what the cotton swabs are for!

You will know when there is not enough polish on the sponge, when it starts to stick to the nail more than usual or even worse, pieces of makeup sponge start to come off and stick to your nail! On average, I can sponge about 2 nails fully before having to reapply the polish.

The key to a smooth and flawless-looking gradient is a sparkly finish to smooth out all of the bumps. Apply one to two coats of your flakie polish, “Heavenly Angel” depending on how much sparkle you would like.
Use a cotton swab dipped in polish remover to clean up around the edges of your nail.
Finish with your favourite top coat for some extra shine.

This sponging technique is one that will be very useful over time and will allow you to create some beautiful nail art. Hope you had fun!

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