Trees: Lost & Found. Band Gives Away Tree Saplings to Concert Guests

We love good music, but we love good music even more when it supports an amazing cause that we can all get behind!

In celebration of their new album Past Life, Lost In The Trees will be giving away tree saplings at their upcoming Vancouver performance (19+) on Thursday, March 27.

In partnership with Tree Canada, fans will receive a sapling at the end of the show and are encouraged to nurture the sapling into a thriving tree, replenishing the earth with life.
Fans who post a photo of the planted sapling with a short description of where it’s planted and if it’s planted for anyone special on their Instagram, tagging @Lostinthetrees and #pastlife will automatically be entered to win a prize pack courtesy of Tree Canada and Lost In the Trees.

“Tree Canada is always looking at unique ways to partner with different like minded organizations and groups.” says Richard Walker, Director of Communications and Program Development at Tree Canada. “Especially when you can tap into a  demographic through an avenue that they can relate to. It’s always fun to work with a band that are environmentally conscious and just happen to be really that good.”

Tree Canada runs programs dedicated to making things in Canada green, including schools, creating urban forests and their Edible Trees program allowing schools, housing projects and gardening groups to apply to have their space filled with trees that provide delicious fruits and nuts!

Congrats to the band for taking responsibility and doing something important and essential for our environment! They deserve our support!

Watch In The Trees’ ‘Past Life’ video here:

The Prom Show
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