Time Management 101

Sometimes, you feel like this:


So you join some clubs, associations, activities, and soon enough, you feel like this:


Yes, we’ve all been there – realizing that there is too much to do, and not enough time to do it all, but with a few simple time management tricks, you can do what you want, and still have time to spare:

1. Make a list of all the things you’re involved in, and decide which you like the most, and which you can live without,

2. Organize an hour-by-hour schedule of your weekly activities. Make note of anything that overlaps, and decide if it’s an activity where you can alternate weeks when you have to be there, or, if not, pick the opportunity you enjoy the most,

3. Schedule in time for homework, friends, and just relaxation, because without it, life becomes overwhelmingly stressful, and if participating in too many activities is making you unhappy – when they are supposed to bring happiness – they are being counter-productive.

Remember that you can’t do everything, she can’t do everything, NO ONE CAN; it’s impossible, and in repeating the mistakes of many stressed-out teenagers who have gone before you, expecting a different result… well, that is Einstein’s definition of insanity.

Spend time on you, just you, because, like L’Oreal says; you’re worth it!

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