So, a 17 year-old & a 2 year-old Walk Into The Wiggles Concert…

Studies have shown that humans grow (physically and mentally), the most from birth to the age of five, so what a child is exposed to between these ages can have an immense impact on them.

What they see, hear and experience can impact the person they become, which is why we have to make sure that kids are being taught important lessons and morals from an early age.

(L – R) Anthony, Lachey, Emma & Captain Feathersword

An excellent example of something children are exposed to is the hit television show, The Wiggles; the lively group from Australia that’s been entertaining kids since 1991!

Colourful characters talk and sing about the lessons they are trying to send to their young viewers, such as the importance of kindness, healthy eating habits, different languages and cultures and all around positivity and confidence.

In September, at 17 years-old, I had the privilege of attending The Wiggles concert in Toronto (Treehouse Big Day Out), with my friend and her family, including her 2 year-old daughter, Lucie.

(L – R) Captain Feathersword, Lachey, Emma & Simon

Lucie is currently obsessed with the Wiggles (and has been since she was about 8 months old), as I was, and I’m sure many of you reading this were, when I was her age.

I admit, it was quite the nostalgic experience, watching and hearing all the same things I had watched/heard when I was a child. Then, it hit me! In that moment, I truly realized just how much childhood shows like The Wiggles had impacted me and the person I have grown to become today. Questions started to form in my head, would I be the same person if I had not watched these shows; if I had not watched the Wiggles and was taught, through simple songs, all the lessons I carry throughout my life?

The Wiggles have more power than we even realize; they are shaping young minds to become sharp and kind, gentle and good people. Just as The Wiggles affected me, they will affect Lucie and her friends and their millions of other young fanatics. And, although their members have changed over the years, including the introduction of the first female Wiggle, Emma, their work in children’s entertainment has made an impact, allowing them to stay relevant and continue to share their message of what it means to be kind and good person.

Photos by Hayley Elizabeth
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