These Boots Were Made For Splashing!

– Written by  Kristie Nicholson

Well, it appears that time of the year has arrived. You know the one.

Spring has not yet fully sprung, and winter is still lingering around, and, unless you are lucky enough live somewhere along the coast where spring is in full bloom, you’re most likely living among the slush and that awful rainy snow combo with the rest of us.

teen spring dressing canada
image by Shannon Kringen (via flickr)

This awkward weather can often put your fabulous fashion in a rut, or should we say, a puddle, so I’m here to show you a few tips and tricks to combat the elements and keep you feeling chic, comfortable, and confident!

With the temperature still chilly in the morning and usually warming up a bit by the afternoon, you want to make sure you’re Goldilocks all day; you know, “not too hot, not too cold, but just right!”

I emphasize, layers, layers, layers!

When getting dressed in the morning you, want to be sure you are warm enough for the current temperature, but it’s also equally as important to keep in mind how the day might warm up. No one wants to be stuck in class with a giant sweater overheating all day.

Think ahead, “What can I layer to take off to cool myself down? Or put back on if the air conditioning decides to kick in?”, and I’m not talking about stripping it down to a little camisole. I’m talking about planning your outfit to be appropriate, comfortable and stylish at all layers through out the day.

While choosing your outfit it’s always a good idea to keep the TBLA rule in mind, top, bottom, layer and an accessory!

This is the perfect time to bring out those light cardigans and jackets, vests, sweaters and scarves that you looked so great in last fall. That adorable top you have on looks amazing on you, and you’re at a comfortable temperature while inside, but what about when you are standing outside for 15 minutes waiting for that bus?

When your mom says “put on a jacket, it’s cold outside” chances are she’s right.

So lets layer in a sweater, light coat or maybe a vest. Paint some colour into that ensemble and let’s get on your feet.

teen spring outfit
Although, Spring is a deadly season for footwear, puddles and mud conquer our streets, and leftover salt and rocks are just looking to destroy those cute new shoes of yours. Feet beware!

You’re probably dying to pull out your favorite flats, or those Toms you wore every day last summer… but I strongly suggest holding off. All you need is to step ankle deep in some water to ruin your day, and your outfit. Instead, let’s stick with dry feet until we know the snow and slush is gone for good.

Fortunately for us, rubber boots, rain boots, gum boots, wellies or whatever you would like to call them, have made their way into the fashion scene! You don’t need to go and hash out $200 for Hunter brand boots to get this great look. Shine up your old puddle splashers or pick up a cheap set and pair them with some cute leg warmers or funky socks and you’ll be on your merry way!

teen spring outfit men
Guys – you too! Leather or leather alternative boots are also great for keeping our feet dry, but be careful of salt. It’s a good idea to wipe down your shoes when you come inside to avoid those nasty salt wounds on those perfect boots you love so much.


Summer’s dry land is on the horizon, but for mean time step up your wardrobe and your foot game and kick slushy Spring’s butt!

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