#TeenEsteem – Be Healthy & Beautiful Naturally!

ThePromShow.ca joins The Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards
to show Youth how to be Healthy and Beautiful, Naturally!


According to the 2013 Canadian Community Health Survey, 1 in 5 Canadian youths, aged 12 – 17, are considered overweight or obese. The Prom Show is committed to helping our audience change this alarming statistic.

The Prom Show will be participating in the Canadian Beauty Innovation Awards created by the Canadian Beauty Group in Toronto on October 19th, presenting #TeenEsteem from 1 – 3 pm, which incorporates ‘The Smoothie Project’ and ‘Fast Fitness’ programs for youth.

“I got the idea for the Smoothie Project from my own personal experiences.  I had struggled with acne and self-confidence issues my whole life, and no matter how many pills and creams I used, nothing was able to solve my problem permanently.  Once I decided to change my diet and change the way I lived, I saw a dramatic difference in the way I felt and looked.  I realized that if we take care of our bodies, they will be good to us and do what they are supposed to do.
– Angie Thevarajan, creator of The Smoothie Project

Working with  Naturopath, Dr. Baljit Khamba, Canada Hemp Foods and NutriBullet to design a simple, easy delicious way of staying healthy, The Smoothie Project features recipes formulated to serve a specific purpose, including The Immunity Elixir (for colds), The Skin Booster (to clear acne), and the The Party Smoothie (to provide beneficial energy for your big night).

The smoothies promote natural wellness without the use of synthetic drugs or medications, and provide proper nutrition. They are easy for youth to make and drink and provide a healthy serving of fruits & veggies.

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Health & Wellness Contributor, Dr. Baljit Khamba, ND, will be demonstrating the smoothies (with samples), talking about the nutritional benefits of the ingredients and exploring hemp – provided by Canada Hemp Foods – as an innovative, natural beauty product that has significant health benefits.

Natasha Lewis Ferguson, Founder of the Canadian Beauty Group says: “We are very pleased the outline for the Sunday program to conclude our three days of events because it brings to the forefront; instead of concentrating on outer beauty solely, we should concentrate on inner beauty.”

Fitness Contributor, Mariano Hermosa, will be discussing physical health and demonstrating different exercises that youth can do between their classes to ensure that they are in good physical condition after sitting at their desks, staring down at their screens and eating cafeteria food. See Fast Fitness videos here.

1 in 5 teens across Canada is overweight – that can have an impact on so many aspects of their lives, from their physical health to their mental health, which can affect them in a negative way. Through teen-targeted fitness design, I want to secure a positive and strong future for them.” The Prom Show is a positively-focused organization that speaks to Canadian youth.
— Mariano Hermosa,  fitness trainer

Being healthy is easy and affordable, and the impact of a slight change in your diet can last a lifetime!

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