Tales of a Tall Girl

No Slouching!!!



“Um…she’s really tall”

This is always…and I mean ALWAYS…the first identifier I get when people are trying to describe me.

I’ve never really been called cute…well, not when it wasn’t in a condescending tone, usually because I did something silly; I usually get, “intimidating”, and as everyone knows, intimidating is what every girl longs for as she grows up. Every time someone tells me that their initial
thought of me was that I was intimidating my answer is always the same: I smile, cock my head to the side and ask them what in the world they are talking about. I’m nice and polite to everyone! I work in the service industry! (I get paid to be friendly).



“You just have this look, where you look down at me.”
“Babe, I look down at you because you’re five foot three.”

I suppose intimidation is part of the hazard of standing six feet off the ground…in flats, which I almost never wear if I don’t have to.

Flaunt what you’ve got, right?

Let me tell you about trying to find clothes (let alone men) What do you do when
crop tops are too short….well, lets be honest, regular tops are too short, too!

It’s hard to exude intimidation in a pair of jeans that don’t quite hit the right spot on my ankles, but that’s just me.

If you go to the right stores you can find leggings that go all the way to the ground (mine come from Lululemon), and surprisingly enough, maternity wear also works! Most of the maternity tops and tank tops are actually just made longer to accommodate for a new mother’s growing belly, so we tall ladies may as well take advantage of those extra inches.

“How do you find guys?”

This question has followed me around since I started dating; how do I find men?
Because of my height, they must be impossible to find?

I have no issues with men being shorter then me.

I’ve dated guys that were anywhere from a couple of inches shorter then me to a much more drastic (read: shorter) change, and I’ve also dated guys that were taller then me.

There is nothing I can do about the length of my legs, that is a fact, same as the men I chose to spend time with, so if I refuse to be judged on my leg length, isn’t it a little unfair to judge them for theirs?

Of course I want to feel like “the woman” in the relationship; I want to feel delicate and pretty and like I can be protected, and, to me, those feelings do not come from physical height, but from the man’s shoulder width.
To this day my longest relationship was with a man who was four inches or so shorter than me. We got along, despite the height difference and when we broke up, height had nothing to do with it.


I won’t hang out with people if they have a personality I don’t get on well with, however no one should be written off for a physical trait that they can do nothing about, especially if you’re attracted to them.

Throughout my life, I’ve always been tall and I always will be tall. I refuse to let that control my life when it comes to my fashion sensibility or let it affect my confidence.

I haven’t always loved my height but it’s not something about myself that I can change; I work with what I’ve got, no shame, no intimidation and definitely no slouching!

–by Rebecca Rowe

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