Starburst Nails with the Ltd Edition OPI Miss Universe Collection

I am incredibly excited for today’s tutorial as it involves one of the more coveted OPI nail lacquer collections of the year – The Miss Universe Collection! What makes this year’s collection even more special is that it includes the debut of a new type of  finish. Satin! Just like the dresses Miss Universe wears! (*squeals*)


This tutorial is one that involves striping tape which you may be familiar with from the “Linear Chic” tutorial. The process is identical except that this time we will be placing the striping tape in different positions.

Base coat
Top coat
Striping tape
After applying your base coat, paint your nails two coats of “This Gown Needs a Crown” and admire the gorgeous satin smooth finish!
Once the polish is COMPLETELY dry, apply your three pieces of striping tape in a starburst pattern starting from the corner.
Paint one coat of “I’m Feeling Sashy” over the whole nail.
Without waiting for the polish to dry, slowly peel off the striping tape to reveal your starburst design!
Repeat the taping process on all of your other nails or if you want, you can just do the ring finger and make that your accent nail! I chose to use “Miss You-Niverse” for my other nails.
Apply your favourite top coat for extra shine and now you’ve got a manicure that even Miss Universe will envy 😉

See you all next time!

The Prom Show
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