Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out?

25 year-old Vance Hedman who, during WorldPride 2014, sat in a studio at CTV News Channel in Toronto and told the entire country of Canada that he is gay and loving it!

Vance Hedman CTV
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He took viewers through the story of how he grew up in a rural part of Saskatchewan, how he came out at 16, contemplated suicide because of bullying and now, at 25, he is so proud to be a gay man.

To see my name and to see that rainbow flag behind me…it was amazing!

In this follow-up video, Vance discusses the reaction from him hometown, including being contacted by his babysitter, how he has stayed focused on himself during the entire process and how it took him years to get to this point in his life that he loves!


Feature image by Leanne M.

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