Spring-y Sparkly Nail Art!

As much as I love neutral nail polishes, I can never wear a nude polish on its own. I always want to throw glitter on top or a bright splash of colour which is what I’m going to show you today using the latest nail polishes from Nicole by OPI!

DSC_0610You are going to need an opaque neutral base colour like That’s Putting It Mild, a fun glitter like Lips are Dripping Honey and a bright splash of colour like the bright pink Color Me Country.

DSC_06191. Paint your nails with two coats of your neutral polish.

2. Paint just one coat of your glitter polish. If you’d like MORE glitter, you can always do two coats, but I just did one because I didn’t want the manicure to look too busy.

3. With the side of the nail polish brush, paint “V” shapes starting halfway down from your cuticle. The side of the polish brush is thinner and will allow you to paint a neater, straighter line.

*TIP* I always get polish on the sides of my nails when doing this type of manicure, so what I do is apply cuticle balm or Vaseline to the sides so that I can literally just wipe off any polish that gets on my skin!

4. Finish off your manicure with your favourite top coat !

Spring Nail Art!

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