Last-Minute Fancy Outfit – Shopping Locally

It can be difficult finding that perfect outfit.  Whether it’s for prom, a date, a dance, or even just a fancy party, where do you start?

All of us, at some point, have left the planning until the very last minute and then struggle to make that dream look in our head a reality. I say, we start thinking outside of the box.  We all want to look unique and stand out, yet we go to the same stores, in the same malls, that have all the same stuff!


I had the pleasure of visiting Bridge & Bardot, a local downtown Toronto shop that sells everything from acid washed jeans, to edgy formal- wear.  Store owner Gagan Bassi helped me put together a few looks that could fulfill anyone’s last minute outfit needs!

Bassi says that, “By shopping local, you find a lot of one of a kind pieces that really stand out from what you would see at the mall.  You’re also helping out your local small business in the community which is always a plus!

Last Minute Outfit - Shopping LocalLast Minute Outfit - Shopping Local


Outfit #1 is all about elegance and class, although it still keeps things light and fun with the sequin skirt.  You could totally jazz this look up for a fancier event like prom. Bedazzling this white silk blouse with some tasteful jewels could take this outfit to another level.

I’m also all about mixing and matching, as well as tweaking things to fit my needs.  If you really wanted to make use of this skirt in a different way, you could wear it overtop an existing dress and create a whole new dress for yourself.  Make the clothes work for you!

Last Minute Outfit - Shopping Local

Outfit #2 is for all you flower children.  This black skirt has some great shine to it and the floral corset gives it a pop of colour to pull everything together.  This look would be great for a summertime first date, paired with some great bracelets, soft nude makeup, and a bold lip.

This skirt could also be transformed into formal wear with the help of a few DIY tricks.  Matching it up with a fitted off the shoulder blouse and adding a jewelled belt would make it a perfect wedding outfit.  For those of you who are feeling adventurous, cut a tasteful slit into the skirt to show just the right amount of leg!

Last Minute Outfit - Shopping Local

This last item is a piece I feel any girl can wear and make her own. If you wanted a punk rock look for prom, try pairing a high-waisted leather skirt, with a flashy corset, and some great boots. On the other side of the spectrum, it could be part of a great look for casual Fridays at work, paired with a simple blouse and a statement necklace. You could take it even further on the casual side and pair it with a graphic tee, flannel shirt, and sneakers, for a modern grunge look.

Last Minute Outfit - Shopping Local

There is a whole world of fashion outside of the shopping malls we all have so comfortably grown accustomed to.  So the next time you are going crazy, trying to answer the age old question “What do I wear?”, think about trying a local shop around the corner.  You might find a gem like this silver Victoria roll neck dress. Be creative and strive to stand out. Mixing and matching could lead to something beautiful that you would have never find in your typical store!

All of these pieces can be found at Bridge & Bardot.  For more looks and information on this amazing store, visit their website at and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @bridgeandbardot. 

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