Starting Your Own Business

The Boss
Going through life I was always told you have to work really hard in school to get a good education. Once that is done you have to get a stable job with good benefits, save your money, get married, have a family, retire…and then…. the inevitable.

Sounds a bit to planned for my liking.

Everyone on the HOVR.IT team has pretty much thrown that way of thinking out the window!


We are taking the biggest gamble of our lives; going into debt, scraping by on peanuts for what has been just over a year now to make a MARK during our short time on earth and change the way that people shop for products by starting our own business.

Explaining this to our parents, friends and girlfriends was the hardest part. “You want to do WHAT!!…How are you going to make enough money to survive?….Don’t go throwing away that good education you worked so hard for”. All valid points. But we didn’t care – we knew HOVR.IT was a killer idea, we believed in it, and took a leap of faith.

15 months later we are still around. We have met thousands of like-minded people, have made sales, have built incredible technology, and continue to work for ourselves.

Being your own boss really IS as good as it sounds!


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