Save The Brushes!

Proper care and maintenance of your makeup brushes is super important.


makeup brushOK…first of all, you use them on some very sensitive areas of your face and, because they’re exposed to the air (and to your face, day after day), they pick up stuff like fluff, bacteria and the goop in the corner of your eye.

Secondly, maintaining your brushes will cost you less money in the long run because you’ll have brushes that are 10 years old and look like you bought them yesterday – which is also good for the environment because you aren’t filling up the dump with your eye-goop brushes…

So here’s what I do:

1)   Pre-cleanse brushes with brush cleanser.  Spray on brush and/or paper towel and gently remove excess product from brush,

2)   Never soak brushes in water for more than a few minutes.  At times, foundation brushes need a pre-soak in a bit of soapy water, or require be pre-treating with a bit of waterproof eye makeup remover,

3)   Place a small amount of gentle shampoo or cleanser in the palm of your hand,

4)   ‘Swirl’ a dampened brush in palm of hand and saturate brush with cleansing agent,

5)   Rinse brush until water runs clear of suds,

6)   Squeeze excess water from brush, ‘roll’ it between fingers/palms and re-shape,

7)   Lay brushes on clean paper towel on edge of a flat surface – allowing all bristles to be exposed to the air and dry fully,

8)      Store in a clean, organized manner – ready for use!

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