Profile: Ryan Sheehan, Champion Gymnast @ 21

Growing up in small town Alberta, Ryan Sheehan had such a passion for gymnastics that the only way to pursue it was to join the girls’ team.
He had to go against the norm to do something that he really loved, even though, to him, it was already normal.
His parents were supportive and saw his talent and helped him to succeed.

Ryan sheehan gymnast
image courtesy of Ryan Sheehan

Now in university, Sheehan has made it to the World Championships and continues to pursue athletics, and also wants to help young people get a start in amateur sports.

At a young age, Sheehan tried out different sports but found gymnastics was what he liked the most. He also knew that it wasn’t common for other guys in his community to have the same athletic interests.

I knew that I was different and I knew that I wasn’t going to fit in and if I wanted to be happy that I couldn’t stay there forever. The mentality there is very conservative and I’m more of a free spirit.

When you look at Ryan’s blog, you notice an entry about his “Motivation Book”; it’s a very simple cover with just that title in the corner. It helps him accomplish his goals, and apparently it works, what with him being so successful at a young age.

Ryan sheehan gymnast
image courtesy of Ryan Sheehan.

So what motivates Sheehan?
“I’m a perfectionist and I know what I want to do and I know that what I’ve achieved so far is great, but that’s just on the path of what I want to do. So when I look back I can see how far I’ve come and [realize] I still have a long ways to go.”

Sports have taught Sheehan about dedication and perseverance.

“I realize I will never be perfect. There will always be something to work on.”

This is an important life lesson that anybody can use in their life as it shows that you can be one of the best in the world but, really, we are all human.


Ryan has partnered with Usana Health Sciences, which he also uses and trusts. The products are regulated by a vitamin industry so him and other athletes are guaranteed 100% safe to take. Through vitamin supplements and shakes he maintains a healthy lifestyle. Sheehan added that personally he does not like fish or eggs, so Usana is the perfect product to get what he is missing from his food intake.

At the age of 21, Ryan Sheehan is one of the world’s greatest gymnasts and is also becoming an intelligent businessman via Usana, which is quite an accomplishment at such a young age.


image courtesy of Ryan Sheehan.
image courtesy of Ryan Sheehan.

His advice to other young people starting out in sports or going for their dreams is to “focus on yourself and [understand] you cannot control the things that are outside of you. It will get you to where you want to be and not where somebody else wants you to be.”.

More on Ryan can be found on his website at and follow him on twitter and Instagram.

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