Reflections on Female Superheroes

It has been brought to my attention that the world of film lacks a movie starring female superheroes.
Sure, there is Black Widow in the second Iron Man film, but when the movie is called Iron Man, she falls behind as a simple supporting role. So what about a story with a female lead?

Every time someone decides to try a film with this theme, they get shut down. Think of the multitude of Wonder Woman movies that have yet to be shot. Is it a lack of interest by producers, the public, or angry feminists?

We never know. What we are pretty sure of, though, is that it tells you something about the world today. Besides that we really love watching men in tights fight each other. It is that women, in film, are most often still portrayed as damsels in distress when in actuality, we can rescue ourselves.

Hollywood needs to take a minute to catch up with the rest of the Earth and empower women the way we’ve been empowering ourselves for decades.

Here’s a list of all of the superheroines in tv, film & print.


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