Because You Don’t *HAVE TO* Go To Prom…

It is now May, and for anyone in their final year of high school, May is no longer merely the second last month before school ends- May means PROM. Yes, prom. The single most important night of any high school student’s final year.

Everyone saves up every dollar they can find for the perfect prom attire and stresses over whom to ask, or over who may ask them, or if they’ll even be asked… it becomes a bit of a mess by this point.

But while most students are devoting majority of their time and effort on prom, there are in fact some students who do not follow this tradition.

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I know what you’re thinking. What? Someone who doesn’t want to go to prom? Yes, folks. Those people exist too.

There are plenty of reasons as to why some students may choose to not go to prom. Some of the reasons being:

1. They don’t have a date! Womp womp womp!

You don’t need a date for prom; it can still just be a night out with your friends! But some people don’t agree with this.

2. Feeling uncomfortable

Especially if a student is dealing with mental battles such as anxiety or depression, they may not feel comfortable enough to be in that environment.

3. Bullies ruin everything 🙁

Unfortunately, although we are in our last year of high school, some of us just haven’t grown up yet and insist on still being bullies to others. This makes it hard for some students to attend prom when they are in fear of other students who make them uncomfortable.  (Guys, stop being bullies! Everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable at school! After all, we spend majority of our time there!)

But fear not, prom-less graduates! There are still so many awesome things you can do instead of going to prom! You can spend your night doing fun activities such as:

1. Spending a night in at home!

* Devote your night to watching every John Hughes movie! High school is better in the movies anyways, especially when John Hughes is directing it!

* Be creative with some DIY projects! Pintrest is a great place to find awesome new ideas to keep you entertained.

* Have a night in with your Mom! You’re graduating high school this year and she already misses you.

2. Hang out with a friend! We all have that awesome friend who isn’t in our grade, go out and try that new restaurant in the city! Have a fun night out!

3. Go to a concert, even if you don’t know the band! Try to check out local artists – they appreciate it more than you know!

4. Catch up on studying! (I know this may not be the most exciting way to spend your evening, but you certainly won’t regret it!)

Whatever you choose to do, ensure that it’s the right choice for you.















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