Put on Some Pants & Start a Conversation!

As young women, we all want to feel sexy, to feel loved and wanted.

Especially when you are young and single, it’s fun to get dolled up, and have a night on
the town with your favourite girlfriends. Parties, events and (when you’re old enough), nightclubs can be a blast; it’s a way to let loose and leave your worries at the door for a night.

Party people

Fashion goes hand in hand with these outings. The only problem is that sometimes we feel we need to be someone we are not in order to get male attention. Unfortunately sometimes this other person we act like, ends up looking a little too much like a living dead version of Pam Anderson.

Male attention is wonderful, it makes you feel good, we all need it in one way or another, but attracting the right attention can be tough.

In this day and age, we have been convinced that the more skin we show, the more cleavage that’s visible, the more attention we receive. Sometimes, as sad as that is, it can be accurate, but seriously, this is an example of unwelcome attention.

This type of attention can include but is not limited to; cat calls, creepy ass grabs and other unwanted man-handling, awkward make-out attempts, and a lot of other weird, usually gross interactions.

I not only have personal experience with this, but have friends who have literally broken limbs by attempting to shake their tail feathers while wearing irrationally high heels.

They say everyone has to make their own mistakes to learn lessons, and I believe this is true, so perhaps my advice can spare you from making extremely humiliating ones.

Remember, you don’t need to give yourself hypothermia in the cold Winter months just to attract a guy.

When I go out I see many girls, still sporting mini-skirts, nip slip ready tops, and five inch heels that are ankle-shatter worthy, I think, do they look sexy? Yeah, in a stereotypical way of course they do, but they also look cold and for the most part, uncomfortable (because we can’t all be as nimble as Beyonce when we dance in heels).

high heeled shoes

Pairing jeans or fitted pants with a nice pair of heels and a cute top can have the exact same effect, without all the hassle. Throwing on some spicy lipstick to make your outfit pop can work wonders. Men (or should I say boys?) who approach you based solely on how few articles of clothing you have on, are usually just looking for a hook-up . Sure, you may be able to have a night of “fun” with them, but don’t be surprised if that night ends up being tarnished with regrets, and you end up with a cold or, even worse, a cold sore (herpes – eww).

Maybe he will call you again, but the reality is that a lot of the time he won’t. It’s imperative that you understand that going into the situation and are fully prepared to accept that (and not start texting him or stalking his Instagram every five minutes).

The way that you choose to present yourself is the way that others interpret who you are as a person.

Don’t let a bunch of superficial stereotypes dictate your appearance or sense of style. Dress how you see fit, in a way that can express who you are while you remain comfortable; not in physical pain, frozen, or even worse, embarrassed by whatever body part fell out of its casing.

It’s easy to get lost in the upbeat lifestyle that most late high school/early college years can bring, but always remember who you are and where you came from. I guarantee you that a quality guy who is worth your time, will be attracted to YOU, not just the dress you had to grease up to slide into.

Confidence is the best outfit any woman can wear. And staying true to who you are and what you believe is the most attractive thing you can do, so put on some pants, and start a conversation!

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