While, for the majority of the time, teenage girls are often squeezing themselves into jeans that are way too tight and claiming they fit, this trend goes on to break the skin-tight clothing idea and, actually, reverse it – oversized sweaters, jackets, hats, bags…but mostly sweaters. Not only do they insulate warmth (which, if you’re like me and live in Canada, you desperately need in the cold Winter months. And cold Fall months. And cold Spring months. And… year-round), but you get to wear comfortable clothing all day, which should be more important than looking a certain way.

As teens, we bend over backwards to try to fit into the next trend (in size 0), and it just turns enjoying fashion into annoying fashion.

So take advantage of a trend that makes you happy when you wear it – when you feel great, you look great, and that is the best kind of beautiful!

Back to the 90's with this oversized sweater from Forever21
Back to the 90’s with this oversized sweater from Forever21 

Class it up with this oversized sweater from Zara
Class it up with this oversized sweater from Zara


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