Your Online Shopping Problems Solved…

You know when you’re online and you see THE PERFECT <insert items of clothing or accessory here>, and your heart skips a beat, your minds starts racing and your fingers start to Google frantically in an effort to find it?
But you can’t.

Then you call your friends and start to explain it to them, using lots of words, flailing your arms around and even trying to bring up a picture that looks “kind of” like it, but just isn’t?

clothing is, by far, the coolest thing that you can do to help yourself in situations like these!

Created by a great group of Canadians (hooray, eh!), this app, which you can install into your search-space, let’s you hover over an image, click on it and *BOOM* an array of items that match the style, colour and concept of your object of affection will appear.

And that’s when the shopping begins.

Be inspired to create the same look or utilize other suggested options, via the visual search, to create your individual style.

To get yourself some in less than one minute, visit

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