Olympian Larisa Yurkiw Talks About Confidence [video]

Getting to the Olympics is definitely challenging and for many athletes, it’s the pinnacle of their sporting career, but what happens when, all of a sudden, you aren’t able to play?

Whether it’s a sport or a subject or anything else in life that’s important to you, it’s essential to keep your spirits high and your confidence strong.

We recently had the privilege of speaking with Larisa Yurkiw, a 25 year-old Canadian skier who, after a serious injury in 2009 preventing her from participating in Vancouver 2010, went through surgery and rehab to get back on the hill, only to be told that she wouldn’t be on the National team heading to Sochi.

Larisa refused to let the dream go, and continued to persevere. Through sponsorships, she secured the money ON HER OWN to pay her way to the Winter Games.

Her story motivates, inspires and makes us all realize that, if you want something – if you really, really want something – with confidence and belief in yourself, there’s nothing that you can’t have.

Larisa made us proud, coming in 20th in Womens’ Downhill (Alpine Skiing), ahead of 22 other competitors.

Larisa continues to compete on the World circuit. Find out more about her on her website and follow her on twitter @LarisaYurkiw

Watch the interview (via Skype) here:

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