Corsets are Causing a Commotion!

50 Shades of Grey hit the big screen this February, enticing more than a few people to trade in their red hearts, flowers and candy for whips, handcuffs and blindfolds.

Models: True Colours Talent Toronto Northbound Leather

And it’s influencing prom fashion, with corsets, leather and latex dresses and more.

Leather and lace has always been a classic, more edgy pairing in the fashion world.

Now with BDSM (An overlapping abbreviation of Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM) taking more of a forefront in today’s society fashion designers have begun integrating these elements into their collections….So think more leather than lace.

It’s about expressing yourself, in whichever way feels good and positive to you.

Whether it’s through latex and leather a la Madonna in her Human Nature video, or with a pretty pink silk corset that makes you feel like Marie Antoinette, whatever works for you is what’s important.

The corset is a great example of a garment that was originally designed as an undergarment to actually hide a woman’s shape. In the Elizabethan era the corset was designed to HIDE a woman’s natural waist, giving her an inverted cone shape (not what you thought I was gonna say eh!?)  It wasn’t until later in the 1800’s that the corset went through minor changes to start accentuating a woman (or man’s) waist.

This undergarment underwent extreme scrutiny from both the Church and physicians. Religious leaders at the time objected to the extreme display of a woman’s shape, much like how your parents don’t want you going out in a midriff-showing top right?

Corsets today have their place in fetish fashion and high-end fashion, where they can be constructed with everything from lace, leather, latex etc. They are still an extremely sexy garment, and who’s to say that they don’t have their place in evening-wear and better yet, prom-wear!

Northbound Leather (images on the site contain BDSM attire and some serious skin exposure), is an amazing place to do a little shopping for a little bit of leather in Toronto and offers online ordering for those not in the city.


Made in-house in their upstairs studio, Northbound has provided quality, Canadian-made leather goods, including custom creations (the white dress in the images is a wedding dress with crystal accents, created for a wedding).

Check out some outfits that we’ve styled for Prom! Time to throw away the taffeta and silk and bring on leather and vinyl!

Photography by Vance Hedman, makeup by Denise of eye2eye Beauty, hair by Christopher from Anthony Passero Salon, models by True Colours Model & Talent Agency, and all of our photos are in their natural form – no photoshopping or re-touching of any kind.

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If you’re not ready to go all out in the leather category that’s all good. Don’t push yourself for something you’re not ready for; why not pair one of the Northbound corsets with a pink tutu style skirt, or one of the leather skirts with one of your favorite t-shirts and a cute denim jacket?
This would definitely make the look a bit more day-time appropriate but it allows you to take the items and play till you find a look that’s all YOU!

The Prom Show
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