Linear Chic Nail Art

Today I will introduce another nail art tool that may seem finicky to use, but I assure you gets much easier with every manicure and can allow you to create some beautifully intricate designs. Striping tape is used for creating very thin, precise lines and although it isn’t quite as quick as using a makeup sponge for a gradient, it will find a special place in your nail art heart. Trust me!

Base Coat
Top Coat
Nicole by OPI – My Jay Or The Highway!
Nicole by OPI – Stand By Your Manny
Nail art striping tape (any colour)

Begin by applying a base coat to your nails to prevent any staining to your nails. You might want to pre-cut your striping tape before you start painting, but I’ve forgotten before and everything still turned out okay 🙂

Begin by painting your nails two coats of a neutral polish like Nicole by OPI – My Jay or the Highway!
Once your nails are COMPLETELY dry, cut pieces of striping tape and place them on your nails horizontally making sure you have some tape hanging off the sides of your nail.

The extra tape hanging off the sides will act as a “handle” when it’s time to peel off the tape. (HINT: If you like how this mani looks now, you can always trim off the sides of the tape and top coat everything!)

Take your blue polish Nicole by OPI – Stand By Your Manny and apply anywhere from one to two coats of polish for full opacity.
Slowly peel the striping tape off as soon as you have applied the polish. Don’t wait for it to dry!

A lot of people think that they have to wait for the polish to dry before peeling off the tape, but you really shouldn’t! Letting the polish dry creates unwanted ridges which we don’t want!

Continue with the rest of your nails.
Apply your favourite top coat and enjoy your perfectly straight nail art!

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