Let It Go – Meditation for a better life


Our minds race all the time with thoughts of things we have done or things that may happen; people that have bothered us or might affect us in the future are constant stresses or worries.

But what about focusing on the now?
Have we ever stopped to think, “How am I right now, at this very moment?”.
Sometimes when we take a moment to accept the things that are actually happening in our lives, we discard so much wasteful worry and pain.

I have always considered myself a spiritual person and have meditated here and there, however, a situation in my life arose that I really did not know how to deal with as I’d never experienced anything like it before. There were so many new emotions and a lot of them were very uncomfortable, so much so that the thoughts would drive me crazy! I decided to try a meditation class at my gym and found, with the guidance of an instructor, I was able to stop thinking about my situation and focus on that moment in time. I learned that I was safe and that everything was okay. I relaxed and for the first time in weeks was able to sleep soundly that night. This was when I realized the true benefit of meditation: learning to accept what is happening in my life, without judgment.

I think to some people think meditation is harder than it actually is. You can go deeper into your thoughts with more practice, however the basis of it is pretty simple: it is realizing that you cannot change the past and the things that have already happened.
When you think calmly about a situation and with acceptance, you start to realize what you can learn and take with you going forward.

So, if your life starts to become a bit too much because of problems at home or with relationships, try meditating for as long as it takes to calm your mind. This can sometimes take a half hour or even ten minutes. The goal is to do it in your own way; sitting down, or even lying in bed to be comfortable, and do it until you feel relaxed.

Once you are in a state of openness and relaxation, you can begin to think of the situations in your life and look at them objectively. Try to figure out how it can make you stronger or how it has changed you. Remember that every experience can have a purpose, as long as you take something from it.

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