Looking Up – Tales of a Short, “Cute” Girl

My physical appearance can usually be described in three words: short, blonde and cute (hate that word), but that’s not me. I mean, yes, that’s me – but it’s not entirely who I am. Unfortunately it’s often what people expect of me…to be cute.

Everyone has that one thing about their body – that one thing that you wish you could change, or something that brings you down a notch on your confidence scale. I’m a fairly petite build, pretty short, with a bit of a baby face, which may seem ideal to some people, and you might be wondering, “What are you complaining about? You’re so lucky to be so tiny and look so young!” But trust me, there’s a downside.
Like when that guy you like thinks you look like his little sister.

I’ve heard my share of hobbit and dwarf jokes, with the occasional person pretending they can’t even see me at all. Ha. Ha, you’re so funny. No, no you’re not.

It’s windy outside today? I guess I can’t leave the house because apparently I’ll get blown away! Forget about riding that roller coaster, because I’m still not tall enough. And shopping for pants is a nightmare unless I’m willing to hem a whole foot off the bottom. Even ‘S’, Short, Cropped or Ankle pants are still too long.

And high-waisted jeans? Forget it! I’d rather not wear a pair of pants that sit right below my boobs – thank you very much!

Same thing goes for long sleeve sweaters and tops, I’ll never need a pair of mittens because my jackets always cover my hands. It’s definitely a downside, but I suppose that’s what alteration shops are for.

But my feet? Practically non existent. And you can’t alter shoes!
I will generally wear anywhere between a size four-and-a-half to five, depending on shoe type, which may not seem very small, but when you’re a fully grown 23 year-old woman shopping for shoes in the children’s section – you get some weird looks.

It’s often hard to find a good pair of shoes that fit me properly without Barbie on them.

And did you know that the majority of shoe companies don’t even carry below a size 5 for women? How rude! What about us little guys?
It’s always disappointing when you find some shoes you love, just to find out they don’t make them small enough. If they can make baby Converse, I think they should be able to make those awesome pumps I want, in my size!

I also look a lot younger than I actually am. It’s always slightly embarrassing going to a party with friends and people look at you as if you’re not old enough to be there.
I’m positive I’ll be getting ID’ed until I’m 50.

It can also make dating a struggle, since most guys my age don’t take me seriously, because they all think I’m 16.

Or when millennium babies try to talk to me about the awesome toys they had growing up, sorry pal, I was 8 when you were born. My young face sometimes makes me insecure about going to certain places or doing particular things, but it’s just something I’m still learning to deal with.

By now you may be thinking “wow, being petite sounds like a real bummer” but I should really mention some of the fun, positive and long-run benefits of this body type:

I’m guaranteed piggy back rides for life.

My favourite sweater will always fit me.

I’m sure when I actually am 50, I’ll look like I’m 30.

I always get tons of cute hand-me-downs from friends who grow out of them.

Sometimes, if I dress right, I can pull off being 12 and eat from the kids menu.

The satisfying look when someone asks for your ID and they realize that you’re 5 years over the legal age and are actually allowed to be there.

Standing next to someone tall will often block the wind.
With every downside there is a silver lining.
Even though being so small has some negative aspects, I’m absolutely 100% proud of who I am.
You’ve just got to embrace what you’ve got and flaunt it! If you’re like me and share the petite body shape, there are lots of options out there for clothing – don’t fret.
Tons of stores now offer special petite sizes for us shorties. Some places also offer ‘misses’ sizing which is great if you’re 5’2 and under. And if you share the baby face, well… I’ll see you when we’re 50 looking like we’re 30!

Every body is different, and every body is beautiful; just like our personalities. We should never be judged based on our physical looks, because you never know who that person could turn out to be, they just might end up being someone very important to you.

Written by Kristie Nicholson

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