KNITTING! Not just for grandmothers anymore…

With mid-term reports having just arrived, and exams quickly approaching, the average teenage girl is going to get stressed out. What advice can I share when it comes to dealing with it all?

Easy. Knit.

I can understand most people thinking “Okaaay…” and slowly backing away from their computer screens, but I mean what I say. Doing anything that incorporates pattern and bodily movement (mainly your hands) is very calming. The basic structure will allow for the stress to temporarily subside, and it will also keep you away from touching your face – which is a problem of its own. Studies show that by keeping your hands busy in stressful situations, not only does it act as a distraction, but it may prevent issues later on regarding the same event. Playing an instrument, doodling, doing Sudoku puzzles, playing with tape or play dough between your fingers, and knitting, are only some of many activities that will help to reduce stress and create positive habits for your mental health.

And if you, like me, are a “teenage grandmother” (intensely knitting all the time), you’ll have scarves and mittens, and all of the other holiday gifts you could ever need in no time!

Here’s a tutorial on how to get started:


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