Do Jehova’s Witnesses Go To Prom?

As a Jehovah’s Witnesses, a lot of decisions are hard to make and are based on both conscious and Bible teachings.

For everything we do as Witnesses, we constantly refer back to The Bible to make sure things are ok to do so that we don’t go against anything it says.

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An event like prom is a conscious decision to make, whether you decide to go or not, and through looking at different Biblical examples, it can be based on whether the Witness and his/her parents agree on if its something that is acceptable.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are very strict about not dating until your ready for marriage or older; what witnesses call the bloom of youth, so going to prom could either instigate the want to date by being involved in dancing with the other gender, or by just seeing everyone else interacting with the opposite sex.

In many cases, Witnesses don’t tend to hang around with non-Witnesses because, as the saying goes, bad association spoils useful habits. By being around a group of people outside of our faith, their beliefs and behaviours can start to rub off on us and influence us.

Although some Witnesses are against letting their kids go to prom, there are some that are ok with it. Some Witnesses look at all of The Bible examples and do extensive research to come to the conclusion that it is ok to go. Also, some Witnesses talk with their kids and see what they think is the right choice, after discussing as a family on whether it’s ok or not.
For example, some families agree that it is ok to do if they are with a group of friends and parents are ok with it if they don’t dance with the opposite sex.

Before going to prom, parents also want to discuss anything that could happen, what their response should be, and how they should also try to strengthen their faith beforehand to ensure that everything goes well and they have a great night.

So there is no real answer to whether a Jehovah’s Witness goes to prom or not, it all has to do with The Bible and your conscious interpretation of it.

— By Jenna Leach


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