Online Store Manager/Buyer (Canada)


  • Must have a well-developed sense of style and foresight to find unique products and services,
  • Must have experience working with an online shop,
  • Oversee day to day operations of the shop,
  • Manage the work flow and set priorities for the shop,
  • Manage customer relations,
  • Collaborate with marketing and management to prioritize & select product,
  • Co-ordinate and assist with data entry of products,
  • Manage and maintain order fulfillment processes with suppliers,
  • Manage and maintain shop policies,
  • Work collaboratively with management,
  • Manage and maintain agreements with The Prom Show vendors,
  • Research new industry trends/opportunities for increased web sales,
  • Reliable access to a phone and a computer with Internet,
  • Ability to meet, at least, once a week with management via Skype.

For more information and for details on applying, please visit Work With Us.

A one-year commitment is required for all of these opportunities.

Hours of work depend on your skill level and the nature of the work; we are happy to consult with your schedule to maximize the experience.
Each position is a telecommuting opportunity, allowing any Canadian from any Province or Territory, to participate. This also requires serious discipline and focus, as working from home isn’t easy due to the countless distractions available.

Please give serious consideration to your ability to work independently before applying. 

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