Inexpensive/Free Beauty Tools

You don’t need to have fancy expensive brushes to look good!
Here are some inexpensive (or better yet, free) beauty tools that can help you achieve your look!


I love to use sponges as blenders or ‘erasers.’  I’ll put my liquid foundation on with my fingers
and soften any streaking with sponges.  They also work great to remove excess product or soften eyeliner or lipliner.

Conserve sponges by cutting them in half or in quarters!



These little guys work great to fix any mistakes (um, have you ever tried to perfect liquid liner?)!  I like to dip them in a bit of makeup remover (or even water in a pinch) to clean up underneath eyes from shadow fallout or even out eyeliner.


cottonpadCOTTON PADS
Cut these babies in half to do all sorts of things:
* remove eye makeup,
* place underneath eyes while applying makeup to catch any smudges before they happen,
* use them as a powder puff for your pressed powder or powder foundation,
* use them as a hygienic palette for loose powders – eyes or face.


Yes, spoons. Did you know you can curl your lashes in a pinch with one?  Place your thumb in the hollow part and your lash on the other side and lightly bend upwards.  If you want to get really fancy, you can heat the spoon by running it under hot water or giving it a shot of heat from your blow dryer (not at the same time lol!).  This works just like a curling iron!

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