If The Teachers Don’t Help, Plan Your Own Prom! Here’s How:

It’s a frightening time for Ontario public high school seniors as they wait with bated breath to find out if their teachers will be resuming extra-curricular activities, with many angst-ridden faces asking “…but will prom go on?!?”.

Extra-curriculars or not, The Prom Show and JW Events –Ontario’s premier prom-planning and notable event organizers, are offering students a tip sheet so they can get started planning their own festivities.

Keep Calm and Plan Prom rsz


Probably the most fun part of the entire event is planning the theme. This allows you to be creative and innovative while you add the personal touch that is a symbol of your graduating class. The best ideas come from a wide range of opinions, so let everyone have their say!


Location is important. Finding all the venue information through professional planners will be a lot easier and more efficient! This can be anything from a banquet hall to a basement, as long as it has the capacity to hold all of your guests. Make sure that you’re aware of everything that’s included (or not included) with your booking so that there are no surprises on your special night!

 3. FOOD

Because a party just isn’t a party without good food!
First, decide if the food will be a sit-down meal, a buffet or just finger foods. Also, food stations with a variety of offerings are a new and popular trend of serving style.
Once that’s established, plan your menu according to your theme to give it that extra flair. Make sure to take allergies into account, as well!
If you hire a caterer, they can answer questions about quantity, style, etc.


Unless the party is free, you’ll probably have to charge for tickets.

Create a budget so that you are sure to break even on your expenses, but make sure that your expenses are reasonable so that your classmates are paying a realistic amount for a ticket. It is important to differentiate your fixed cost and variable cost and pay extra attention to the fixed cost so that everything works out.

It’s often a good idea to promote and sell tickets in advance so that you can effectively plan how much space, food and other logistical elements you’ll need, and once your classmates have an idea of the ticket cost, they can know how much spend on their transportation, dresses, flowers, etc.


Create an event plan for the evening. This should be an hourly list with the plans for the night. Include arrival times of service staff (caterers, DJ, florist, etc.), dinner time, when the dancing will start, security, student or parent event managers and clean-up.
This is, perhaps, the most important aspect of the event, so hiring a qualified event planner may help to ease the stress on students.


Visit The Prom Portfolio for  a directory listing of services targeted toward prom!



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