Holiday Nail Art : Snowflakes

When it comes to themed holiday nail art, snowflakes are practically a necessity!
There are a number of variations and ways to create snowflakes, but today I’ll show you how to create snowflake nail art that looks complicated, but only requires a few lines and dots. We will also be using acrylic paint which is a medium that is much easier to work with than nail polish as it doesn’t get goopy quite as quickly.

Black/white acrylic paint
A dense glitter nail polish (I’m using China Glaze – This is Tree-Mendous)
Small paint brush
Dotting tool
Optional: palette to pour acrylic paint
Paint your nails in your favourite glitter polish.
With your paintbrush and some acrylic paint, draw three lines to create a star pattern.

You should notice right away that acrylic paint does not dry quite as quickly as nail polish so you can take your time making your lines. I tend to be quite slow which is why I prefer using acrylic paint. Nail polish can get gummy after being exposed to air for a minute or two so you need to work fairly quickly.

Next, add little “Vs” to the end of each line.
Here is where you can get a little creative! For my snowflake, I used a dotting tool to add dots to the ends and to center of the snowflake. You can choose to do more lines or alternate your dots and lines.

 Every snowflake in real life is unique so yours can be too!

Complete your manicure by doing the same steps on your other nails. To give your nails some variety try only drawing part of a snowflake or just a few of the “arms”.

 You can see that using acrylic paint gives a matte finish, but if you want your manicure to last I highly suggest using top coat as acrylic paint is not the most durable and will probably start chipping like crazy once you wash your hands.


Add your top coat and now you have snowflakes fit for a Grinch!

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