Holiday Hair-Wear Inspiration

So, we know that wearing tacky Holiday sweaters is a “thing”, which is great, but a little old…but have you heard of the Holiday Headband?

It’s definitely a statement – kind of funky with the potential to inspire your inner Lady Gaga and make your head into a piece of performance art.

We love DIY because you get to let your inner self shine through, even if it’s through the glare of a Christmas tree ornament into your BFF’s eye.

Check out our collection of Holiday Hair-Wear that we collected from the Interwebs in the hopes of inspiring you:

image courtesy of
by LadyKates on Etsy
image courtesy of LadyKates on Etsy
from Sew Wrong
image courtesy of Sew Wrong
image courtesy of
image courtesy of

And here’s a tutorial on how to make your own fascinator:

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