Half Moon Royalty Nail Art

Today I have a very royal and regal manicure to share with you that’s fun to do (aren’t they all?) and best of all, super easy to try out on your own!

You will need:
Gold nail polish (I’m using Revlon-Gold Coin)
Bright blue nail polish (I’m using Essie-Butler Please)
Page reinforcers
Orange stick
Top coat
Paint your nails gold.
Once your polish is COMPLETELY dry, apply the page reinforcer to the base of your nail. Use an orange stick to press down on the edges.
Apply your bright blue polish over top. Don’t worry if you get polish on the reinforcer!
Peel off the reinforcer RIGHT AWAY! You don’t want the polish to dry and leave a raised edge.
Repeat the above steps on all of your other nails.
Apply a top coat for a nice shiny finish and you will be sporting nail art fit for a queen!

Have fun!

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