Hair Shadow: the Hipster/Cautious Hair Dye

For those of you who cannot commit to one hair colour – or those of us who fear bleach – a new idea has been introduced to the makeup game – hair shadow. It is temporary hair colour that fills the need to do something crazy, without the long-lasting effects.

While it’s a nice idea, does it really work? Is it worth the cost? Do I look as though I fell into a vat of flour? All valid questions to be answered through investigation.

To use it, take small sections of your hair and rub into the circular hair shadow container.

TIPS – do your work over a sink. You only have to dye one carpet blonde to learn not to do it again. Also, know how much you’re using – you don’t want to rub the container on your hair, essentially using half of it for one day. Remember, Hair-Into-Shadow.

Try to do the tips on a first attempt, colouring streaks and highlights with more experience.

Once you are happy with the colour, use hairspray to make it stay.


TIPS – again. I make every possible mistake when trying something new, and learn how it can be avoided, such as touching the hair before spraying it. Don’t. You’ll just have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN. Another thing – use hairspray on the front and back of the hair piece. Holding the piece straight and getting all of the hair covered just makes sure that there won’t be a pile of dust on your shoulder. Lastly, DO NOT BRUSH. This is vital if you want it to last.

Wash your hair to get the shadow out.

While expensive, this is a product that works the way it is supposed to. It looks like coloured hair without that long-term commitment. Also, it’s reversible without turning your whole head green. It does not look quite like true dye up close, but from a metre away, no one can tell. It has the desired effect, and it is generally fun to use. And, no, you do not look like you fell in a vat of flour.

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