Grow up, Girly! Feminine Trends for The Season

This Fall and coming Winter season, fashion calls upon the teenage girl to let go of her twelve-year-old days (when she could wear neon green sweatpants and red crocs without people shooting her looks), and embrace a mature look of style, sophistication, and a touch of elegance.

This is the season to flaunt your womanly side!

With the seasonal change, designs use darker and bolder colours. They also incorporate coats (for cold weather, as well as fashionable-ness) and tall boots, however, when worn incorrectly, you will look like a walking, talking laundry bin – outfits are like a puzzle; if you put the wrong pieces together, you don’t get the right picture, but when worn well, these types of garments will inevitably create a feminine look that will show off your body and personal style.

I have yet to find someone who can’t wear a blazer and pencil skirt.

Pantone's Fall 2013 Colour Selection
Pantone’s Fall 2013 Colour Selection
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