Glitter Saves the Day!

Nail art doesn’t have to be complicated and there are days when I just want to straight up “paint my nails” with just nail polish and no other accessories. This is where glitter polish can be my superhero! The combinations are endless and can give your mani an infusion of awesomeness with just one coat!

Base Coat
Top Coat
Base colour of your choice (I’m using Nicole by OPI – Spring Break)
Glitter polish of your choice (I’m using Nicole by OPI – She’s Lily Something)
After protecting your nails with base coat, paint your nails two coats of your base colour.
Paint your nails anywhere from 1-2 coats of your glitter polish and seal with top coat!

I should add that not all glitter polishes are created equally as is the case with “She’s Lily Something”. You can see the the stars are a bit uneven on my nail and when you look at the bottle, are mostly at the bottom. I had to do something called “glitter fishing” which is basically pouring some of the polish out of the bottle and “fishing” out the glitter pieces by hand. This isn’t the most ideal procedure, but sometimes when you love a glitter polish enough, you’ll do anything to wear it!

I hope you guys enjoyed my “straight up mani”! I’ll show you guys how to do glitter gradients next time!



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