Getting By With A Little Help From Your Friends


“Your Dad is dead. Honey, do you hear what I’m saying?”


I started to laugh, thinking that what my mom was saying was just a stupid joke.

Well it wasn’t a joke, and the reality of the news hit me hard.


It happened last summer and my world felt like it was falling apart.

I went through many different emotions, disbelief, shock, anger and to be honest, 10 months later, I still feel a lot of them.

When September rolled around and I had to go back to school, it was so had for me as prior to my dad’s death, I’d dealt with bullying, so to add it my emotional state was a really tough battle.

eye-447428_1280I want to give some light to this dreary story. I want to give hope to those experiencing a situation like mine; life does get better.

I did it, firstly by realizing that my life was worth fighting for, so I began to push myself out of my depression.

Secondly, I talked and talked and talked about what I was feeling. I am thankful for my supportive mom and awesome group of friends who let me pour out all of my emotions and who were there to support me.

I also turned to my passion; music. Music helps me to escape, helps me to cry and helps me to put words to my feelings. I have always loved singing and have always wanted to pursue it as a career, but knowing how much it helped me during my darkest times has given me more appreciation for the art.

I love life and, although it can deal us a crappy hand of cards sometimes, I know my happiness is worth fighting for.

I was lucky enough to have great support, I cant express how extremely important it is to get all of your emotions out.

If you don’t have someone to talk to, please call or visit Kids Help Phone – an anonymous phone service and chat forum with non-judgmental counselors who are available 24/7 to talk to you and help you get through the tough time that you may be having.

kids help phone dance



— this piece was contributed by Hailey Sherwood.

Cover photo by Heather Leach/Pretty Things Photography

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