Geek to Chic; The Turtleneck

I never really understood why a turtleneck would be in fashion. It’s a shirt with this big piece of fabric that hides your neck and, in my case anyways, half of your face. I was pretty sure I would never really like the style.

Then I walked outside.

I also tried to layer styles with a coat, without looking like I was wearing just a coat.

Neither one worked out so well.

So, finally getting over the grudge I held against turtlenecks since the fourth grade, I tried one out, and was surprised to see how easy it was to make outfits work – even with summer pieces – and the sophisticated edge it brought to my ensemble. Plus, and I hate to admit it, it looked great – in a chic, not even super nerdy way – and it was really comfortable. Lessons to be learned: often times, geek turns to chic, and popular style never dies. Except sweatbands. They’re gone… I hope…

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