We All Fall Down (if we’re leaves…)

School returns, once again, and the trees change colour as they slowly lose their foliage.
Fall is in the air, along with the best in new trends.

Fall weather

I find this time of year to be prime shopping time – in my personal opinion, Autumn is fashion’s strongest season. From full-length pants that, unlike most shorts, can fit a majority of tastes, to the option of layers (and jackets that are drop-dead gorgeous!), the return of boots (which, have I mentioned, are my life?), and all without the enormous fifty-pound winter coat we all slosh around in once snow touches the ground.


This season watch for the colour trends, including the basic but beautiful black tights, the burgundy EVERYTHING, and the complementary black-and-gold colour for shoes and accessories.

Femininity is also expressed though, both, a mature sense of elegance, as well as a youthful, trendy sophistication. Point being, get ready, because this season is the time to be out there, taking risks, being yourself, and having fun – both in fashion and with life in general!

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