Express Yourself @ThePromShowCA! is Canada’s premier resource, encouraging personal style, individual identity and confidence among Canadian youth.

The Prom Show provides a space to promote and cultivate individuality and self-expression and we are looking for Canadian teens to contribute content and opinions.

We believe that at a milestone life event, what you’re going to wear should not be about keeping up with the trends, rather, we support utilizing your body as a canvas to reveal your spirit and style.

Here’s what we’re looking for when it comes to contributors:


– Youth between the ages of 12 – 19,
– High school students graduating this year (June, 2014) and attending prom,
– Students who are graduating from elementary school, celebrating their grad this year (June, 2014) or celebrating their bat mitzvah,
– People (of any age) with an enlightened understanding of the youth demographic – what’s cool, what’s important, etc. 

We are interested in a wide range of voices; male, female, LGBTQ, different religions, cultures, ethnicities, political affiliations, socio-economic backgrounds, all of it!


– We want to hear about everything about being a teenager in today’s society – what are the issues that affect you? What do you like? What do you want to change?

– We’d like the contributors to use as a forum to have their POSITIVE voices heard.  Our mandate is ENCOURAGING CONFIDENCE AND SELF-EXPRESSION WITHIN CANADIAN YOUTH, so find your own identity, love it, own it and don’t be afraid to share it with the world (if you want to)!

If you have a concept that you want to pitch, please contact us by clicking here!

Contributors are free to exercise their creative muscles and provide short content using various mediums, including:

> writing,
> photography,
> Vine videos
> YouTube videos,
> audio podcasts


We are open to ideas from educators as to how we can work together to turn this into a class project or even build on our mandate to create a support network or club for the school, itself.


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