DIY – Studded & Frayed Jean Shorts



Back in the summer, I turned an old pair of jeans into a studded pair of frayed shorts.
Here’s a quick and easy tutorial (full of great tips!) that will help you in studding or fraying any piece of clothing – and even cutting!


Step 1: I first put on the jeans and made a mark where I wanted the shorts to come to (Remember when cutting, though, to cut an inch longer than what you want, to avoid making a mistake, and to give you extra space to trim and make the shorts equal). I took them off, made sure the markings went all around, folded the jeans equally, and cut about half an inch to an inch longer than I what I wanted.

Step 2: After cutting the jeans into shorts, I evened out the cut, and made sure they fit well on both knees.

Step 3: When it comes to fraying the ends of the jeans, you can use many household items! I used a cheese grater, pair of scissors and a sharp blade! (Yes, I was surprised with the cheese grater myself, too).

Step 4: When it came to studding, I punctured the jean with the backing of the stud – then folded the back well with a pair of pliers. (Folding them will hurt your fingers, so use an item that will help you make it easier and less painful).

Step 5: I added some safety pins for fun, and finished!


Stay tuned for more DIY ideas and tutorials!

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