Write It Off! DIY Clothing

Give your old clothes a kick and re-purpose them with some simple, easy and inexpensive tricks.
Let your self shine with your personal expression and style coming through in what you’re wearing!
1. Think of the text you want to print and find the font you love,

2. Print the text on regular paper, appropriately sized for the shirt,

3. Once printed, do NOT cut around the letters. Cut INSIDE of the letters themselves (so the letters are cut out in the middle, like a stencil,

4. After the letters are cut out, put double sided tape on the rest of the sheet and tape it firmly onto the shirt,

5. You can use either spray paint or fabric paint – be careful not to get any on the remaining parts of the shirt, only WITHIN the stencil,

6. Let it dry for a few hours,

7. You can add small embellishments (like studs or jewels), depending on your personal style.


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