DIY by Aren – Edgy Striped Top

Take a simple striped top and turn it edgy!

Step 1:  Make sure you have paint, a paint brush and stencil letters (we found these super convenient stencil letters at Dollarama – along with the paint, paint brush and pins).


Step 2:  Display the letters across the shirt, spelling out the phrase you want painted on. Make sure you have newspaper in between the shirt so the paint doesn’t seep through to the back!


Step 3:  Hold down the letters as you paint in between the stencil (*NOTE* You can use spray paint for extra edge appeal).


Step 4:  Wait for the first coat to dry. Then re-apply (we also purposely made sure the paint didn’t perfectly fit the stencil, to give it a bit of that rock ‘n’ roll edge).


Step 5:  After painting a few coats, take off the stencils.


Step 6:  DECORATE! Nothing is more rock ‘n’ roll than safety pins and studs. For the purpose of this shirt, we used safety pins.


 Step 7:  Wear it with your favourite ripped jeans and combat boots!



This entire concept was created for less than $10.

Shirt – $5
Paint – $1
Stencils – $1
Paintbrushes – $1
Safety pins – $1

Thanks to Dollarama & @DollaramaFinds for supplying us with a gift card!

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