The Corsage Project Offers More Than Just Prom Dresses to Students

— by Keisha James @reanimateddoll

I have many art-related interests, primarily music, but also drawing, writing and video production.
Though I’ve been interested in film-making for the last seven years (starting with home movies/animations cobbled together on my first laptop, a Macbook White), it’s only been within the last year that I’ve actually considered making a career out of it.
Taking the Media course last year at my high school allowed me to spend more time using the camera and editing skills that I had accumulated over the years thanks to tutorials, and I also had the luck of being taught by a teacher with a specific background in film and illustration. Since this past January, I’ve had the even greater privilege of being in UforChange’s film workshop, learning hands-on film techniques from real producers.

While this isn’t the first event/organization promo video I’ve made, it does have the special distinction of being the first one that I have completely shot by myself.
Further, it was great being able to utilize what I have learned in such an active, creative way, and for such an amazing cause!
I was really taken in by the goals of The Corsage Project, especially since I know firsthand how impossible Prom can be sometimes if you don’t have help: my Prom ticket last year was paid for, in half, by a family friend, and I didn’t have to spend money on a dress because another friend gave me an old evening one that I was able to revamp for the dance. If not for this assistance, my Prom experience may not have been as enjoyable, or even happened at all, so it’s really heart-warming to see people putting together an event such as this to donate dresses/accessories to girls who are, essentially, complete strangers to them.

One of the best things about film and video production is the ability to tell a powerful story, shining light on important or unique events. I’m looking forward to more opportunities to shoot and edit videos such as this for The Prom Show!

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