The Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Are you tired of spending oodles of money on different brand name hair products that don’t even seem that effective? Different face and body creams?
If so, an alternative has been discovered that is cheaper, all natural, and great for you. Not kidding.



Coconut oil is an amazing product. Not only is it great to cook meals with in place of other cooking oils, but it has lots of other uses as well.


Many people use it in place of shaving cream because it moisturizes your legs while you shave and leaves you smelling great (cause everyone will be smelling your legs, but it’s a thing).

I love using it as a hair mask, as I have really thin and brittle hair that needs to be kept moisturized. Put it in your hair (mainly the ends) before bed at night, then put it in a bun. Wash your hair in the morning and you can totally feel the difference!

You can also use it in place of moisturizers by putting it all over your body. It is a little oily to use as a daytime face cream, but if you put it on before bed at night when you put it in your hair it can also work wonders for your skin!
I was originally hesitant to put it on my face because it does feel oily, so I was concerned it would make me break out. But this wasn’t the case at all! (phew.) It is safe for people with sensitive skin!

You can use the oil to fight under-eye circles, to tame random frizz in styled hair, and in place of chapstick!

Another trick that I recently tried was combining the coconut oil with Epsom salts and using it as a body scrub in the shower. My skin was left radiant and silky smooth.

A simple way to make your coconut oil easy to use: whip it! Put it into a stand mixer and whip away! It makes the hard oil light and fluffy, like a body butter!

611_81322_PIt’s smart to become as natural as possible when it comes to the cosmetic and body products you use. A lot of times we aren’t familiar with half of the ingredients that the things we are using contain. This can be a little bothersome because you never know what kind of negative side effects they could cause in the long run.

You can purchase coconut oil at most regular grocery stores.

When it gets hot this summer you aren’t going to want to feel like your face is melting off, so the lighter the better I say! Don’t hesitate to look around, explore these unfamiliar stores, and experiment with different, healthy products to see which best suits you. It could work wonders on the long-term effects on your skin and hair.


featured image courtesy of Jura Photography.

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