Candy Corn Gradient – Halloween Nail Art

I LOVE candy corn.
Most people think I’m crazy for liking it, but because I was only introduced to it in my early 20s, I have a whole childhood of candy corn-eating to catch up on!
Today’s tutorial incorporates my favourite Halloween candy with one of my favourite nail art techniques – sponge gradients!
It’s Halloween nail art!

You will need:
A yellow polish (base colour)
An orange polish
A white polish
A fine glitter polish
As usual, you will need a base and top coat. However, this time we will also be using Vaseline to make cleanup a bit faster!

After applying base coat to your nails, generously apply Vaseline around your cuticle area. This will allow you to wipe off any nail polish that you get onto your skin! Genius right?!

Paint your nails two coats of any yellow polish.
Paint a yellow, orange and white stripe of polish of your makeup sponge in candy corn order! Remember to sponge off any excess polish on paper.
Sponge away!
To better blend all three colours, use a fine glitter polish like Quo by Orly – Falling Star (found exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart) and apply one coat.
Use a cotton swap to wipe off any polish around your cuticle area. For an extra clean finish, use an eyeliner brush dipped in acetone to give your mani clean edges.
Finish with your favourite top coat and wait until your nails dry before eating Halloween candy!

There are a few versions of the “Candy Corn Manicure” out there, but I like that this one doesn’t require any taping and is so incredibly quick to do! My colour widths aren’t perfect, but that’s the fun of it! Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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