Smoothie Mania: The Break-Up Pick-Me-Up

Break-ups. We’ve all been there, am I right?  It’s not the most pleasant place to be, but one thing is for certain, you always need a yummy treat to help you get through that horrible period.

The Prom Show collaborated with Naturopath Baljit Khamba & Canada Hemp Foods to bring you The Break-Up Pick-Me-Up. Blended with the powerful and handy Nutribullet, it not only tastes amazing, but is good for you too.

Step away from the ice cream and chocolate and come over the the green side.  It’s a brighter, happier place over here!

The Break-up Pick-me-up

The Break-Up Pick-Me-Up


1 handful kale

1 celery

1⁄2 green apple

1⁄4 cucumber

1⁄2 cup pinapple

1⁄2 cup coconut water

The Break-up Pick-Me-Up

Break-ups are hard enough as it is. You don’t need anymore negativity around you.  Take a pass on the go-to break-up “comfort foods” that we have all come to love and hate simultaneously. Why not take this time to love and treat yourself to something wholesome and rejuvenating?

Changes are hard, but they are also an opportunity to re-invent yourself and become a better, stronger, you.


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