The Art of Balayage – Colouring your hair, one strand at a time…

As much as we desire to fit in and be accepted, we still want to maintain our individuality and make a memorable impression, so the concept of customizing your look is totally normal and embraced by almost all of us; you can buy the TNA yoga pants, but how you accessorize them is what makes you stand out.

Well, now you can do the same with your hair!
A 1970’s creation by two French sisters, the Balayage (pronounced bah-lee-AHZGE), technique is like getting highlights, only without the “standard” foils and streaks. Instead, through hand-painting, colourists are able to accentuate features, add colour(s) and patterns to your locks, truly making your hairstyle yours.

The term, Balayage, comes from the French, meaning “to paint” or “to sweep” (get it?), and, when re-growing your hair, the colour blends into your hair less-noticeably than streaks.

Balayage B&A

We were lucky enough to have Christopher, Artistic Educator and Color Specialist for L’Oréal Professional, and Master Stylist at Anthony Passero Salon in Toronto, demonstrate the technique (see slideshow below), using L’Oreal Professional colour, with Anthony Passero Salon Stylist, Ilona, working on our model.

Balayage pays homage to what we see in nature; it is personal to the individual, like a snow flake, therefore, no two looks are the same, says Christopher.

The best part about this hair colour technique is that the look is very natural, almost emulating the highlights that the sun would provide…if we lived in a snow-less country where the sun was always shining, so a great option for adding a subtle touch of snazz to your style.

Balayage pricing at Anthony Passero Salon ranges from $120 – $180.

Images by Vance Hedman for The Prom Show.

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